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 Blue Eyes, One Fate ch 1-13

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Eyes, One Fate ch 1-13   Fri 8 Sep - 19:33

The students groaned and moved to divide themselves again. When Colin looked at Jenti, the wolf merely looked back at him with a slight smirk. Folken touched his arm, and motioned for him to join the students on the right. As he got up, he brushed past another student wearing grey, though its hood was up, so Colin didn’t see his face. A long, black bushy tail parted the back of the students robes, and a great white stripe ran down the middle of it. The student took a seat towards the back and sat without comment. Colin sat as well.

“As it has only been three weeks since the beginning of the semester, I can forgive the vast majority of you who have chosen Incantation for today. It is common knowledge that it is far easier, at least at first, to achieve results of any kind with spoken verse. To those of you who are daring enough to try Patterning, my congratulations to you. Though your path is harder, the results are far more rewarding.” He walked over the right side of the room, and noticed Colin, who was looking rather lost. “For the benefit of certain students, I will explain.

Putting his hands together once more, Jenti slowly pulled them apart. Between his fore fingers and his middle fingers a shining red cord hung there, gently glowing. “This is a Magical Thread. Treasure it, for you will never be given something so precious again. Love pales before it, riches, nothing, is more precious.

“Having been born with this gift, you are inherently magical creatures. No spell cast by two different people will be entirely the same. You can use it, control one of the primordial powers of the earth. There are two ways to do this.

“The first is well suited for those with clumsy hands and those lacking the precision of mind for true complexity. Over the course of the class, I will teach you incantations, sayings, spoken words that hold magical Power. To cast a spell this way, your thread must merely be upon your person when you recite the spell. However, while this way seems easiest, more powerful spells require a good deal of memorization, and a single misspoken word can have disastrous consequences.

“Patterning is what truly makes this practice an art. To Pattern a spell, you must simply use your thread, held in your hands, to make a symbol or a sequence of designs to cast the spell. This way of Casting is very particular, however, and one thread out of place will cause nothing to happen. Certainly, some of the patterns are very complex, but I have faith in all of you to eschew laziness and at least try a few of the harder patterns before this class is over. It took me only a few years to get where I am and I expect no less from you. You will earn, if nothing else, my grudging respect.

“I will begin this class anew with a simple lesson: Levitation. Mr. Thomas, can you come to the front, please?”

Colin turned as he noticed Arben stand, trembling slightly. He stood straight, however, as he weaved through the tables and made his way up to the front. Jenti regarded him with a nasty smile. “Mr. Thomas! Would you be so kind as to demonstrate the levitation spell I taught you last class? I noticed you sitting with the other Patterners...you have my congratulations for mastering the Pattern for this spell!”

Arben muttered something, looking at his feet.

The wolf leaned in, cocking an jeweled ear. “What was that, you say? You haven’ mastered that particular pattern? That’s quite alright. If you would, could you cast the spell the only way you know how?” The tone of Jenti’s voice was arrogant, drawling, enjoying the humiliation he was clearly inflicting on Arben. Colin felt himself hackle in anger, but he fought it down, silently hoping the rest of his teachers weren’t like this.

Arben coughed once, the rubbed at his nose with a fairly large paw. Colin looked down at his own left hand; they weren’t exactly paws so much as fur covered hands, but he could see Arben having trouble with anything fine and precise. Another cough, and then the student stood straighter. He rolled up the sleeves on his well worn robes and pulled his necklace out again. Jenti made a sort of ‘hmph’ing sound, but didn’t say anything. Arben closed his eyes and began the Chant.

Colin felt his fur raising again, but for a different reason. The atmosphere of the room grew very heavy, palpable. He looked around at the other students, but they all seemed unconcerned, or just bored. He grew tense, but just then Folken nudged him and passed him a piece of paper and a wet quill. He looked significantly at the scrap of parchment. Clearly written, in very fine handwriting was this message.

Take notes and by the Storm pay attention!

Colin struggled to focus as Arben’s words poured forth.

“Iustus decorus,

Acerbus contracti

Totalis liberus

Adlevi mei

Adlevi Mei!”

The class watched as Arben’s robes fluttered wildly before he began to rise, slowly at first, then steadily up. The room was tall, but when he got about shoulder level at Jenti, his chant faltered and he begun to sink back down.

“Now Arben, its alright, you can do it. Show us you can touch the top.” Jenti called, an innocent look in his eyes. Someone behind Colin winced. The fox kept his eyes on Arben, who was now just over the Professor’s head.

“Terminus Incanti”

Suddenly, Arben’s voice halted, and his arms began waving in the air, as though trying to stay aloft. That didn’t work, however. He fell back down to the ground with a loud crash. Colin stood to go help him up, but a few other students had already made their way over there. Professor Jenti didn’t even seem to notice them.

“This is why dependence on Incantation is dangerous! As was demonstrated, it takes the simplest of spells to disarm a chanter’s voice. Repeat after me: Terminus Incanti.” The Class, regardless of what it felt, dutifully repeated the spell. Colin didn’t, however. He was too busy shaking with a quiet kind of anger. He had watched the students help Arben back to his table, but the boy didn’t seem seriously hurt, only shaken. He limped slightly as he moved to take a seat. However, every time Colin opened his mouth to protest, Folken just caught his eye and shook his head.

So the class continued with Colin sort of sulking in a stony silence. Jenti had single-handedly taken the thrill of learning magic out of him. The professor didn’t call anyone else to the front, but lectured for a while on differing types of levitation and the various patterns that could get the same result as Arben’s incantation. The pattern was complex, but was unPiercable, which meant it couldn’t be broken by another Threader’s magic.

After speaking for a while, Jenti walked over to the students and asked for a demonstration of the levitation spell. As he walked past Colin, however, he merely smiled his cruel grin and moved on to the next student, a bird of some sort.

Muttering internally, Colin forced himself to pay attention to the other students. Zaika, the reptilian astrologist who had signed him up for these classes had said in time, they might be able to separate his thread from his hand, allowing him to cast spells. These first classes weren’t meant for him to truly learn anything, only assuage the pain he felt through his hand.

It seemed to be working, but the young fox didn’t notice. In all his time at the keep, he had been treated well, accepted, and barring Knoll’s grumpiness, he had really started to like the people of Raev. Those he had met had treated him with a casual curiosity, as opposed to didn’t have a word for it. For him, this was a reality check; Jenti was the first truly ‘human’ character he had met in a while. Every had been so welcoming...it was almost kind of nice. At heart, Colin was a realist, but the keep had a way of whisking that away from him.

The class ended soon enough, a low humming sound interrupting Jenti in mid rant, as he was lecturing one of the pattern students. One by one, all of the other children, (and Colin could tell that many of them seemed younger then he was) stood and filed out of the room. The one other keeper in grey robes was walking past as Colin stood up, nearly causing the student to fall over. As Colin tried to steady himself, he happened to look up under the keeper’s hood. A face sort of like his own, with that white stripe running down the tip of her nose was covered beneath. The keeper uttered a soft “Oh,” then looked down, pushing past him. On the other side of him, Folken stood and started to walk out. They had almost made it to the door when Jenti’s voice stopped them in their tracks.

“Just a moment, Mr. Brush.” Colin stopped and slowly turned around. Folken followed suit, but Professor Jenti gave him a harsh glare. “Wait outside, Todimas.” The badger flushed, and with a quick nod to his friend, left.

An uncomfortable silence passed. Colin kept glancing at the door while Jenti seemed content to stare at him outright. Finally, the drawling voice said lazily, “You may think you are something special because of what happened. Let me assure you, you are not.”

Colin opened his mouth to retort, but Jenti finished, tossing Colin’s leather glove back at him. “but it my job to see that one day, you are. Get out.”

Not bothering to fully absorb what the red mage had said, Colin nodded and quickly exited the room, almost running over several of the other students, who had been listening outside. At the sight of Colin, they fled, leaving a disheveled looked Folken behind.

Shaking himself, Folken bowed slightly. “C’mon, I know you probably have a lot of questions but we need to get to the next class. We can talk at mid-course. That’s the lunch break we’re allotted after this next class. Hurry up, its on the fifth floor and Arben stays here on the third. We’re going to have to hoof it.

A few students overhearing snickered, but Colin didn’t get it. He was too anxious about his next class. Special in time, indeed.
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PostSubject: Re: Blue Eyes, One Fate ch 1-13   Mon 18 Sep - 13:26

Chapter 12

"Colin, I have to warn you ahead of time," the young badger said, as they walked up the stairs to the sixth floor, "that professor Batren's class... is...a...well, is a bit odd."

Colin tripped on his grey robes and would have fallen if Folken hadn't caught him. Though the young man was smaller then Colin, his head only coming to the fox's neck, there was a surprising amount of strength in those thin arms. Probably from a life time of hauling books and spell text around. Colin righted himself and hitching up his robe, said, "It doesn't get any worse then that, right?" When Folken shook his head, the boy held up his gloved hand. "Then I can handle it. That was...well, I just hope the other professors aren't like him. It wouldn't be much of a school if they were." At Folken's disapproving sigh, he knew he had said something really bad, but he didn't care. He was still smarting from the Crimson professor Jenti's class, where he had witnessed the wolf tease and harass his students for the better part of an hour.

"You'll have to forgive Professor Jenti. He's...just used to the grand order of things. Now that you're here, you have the potential to upset everything again. That's all."

Colin snorted. "Anyway. What's so odd about Professor Batren?"

Folken pondered for a minute and had just opened his mouth to say something when a loud cry cut him off.

"Hey, Folken! Hiya Colin!"

They both turned to the sound, but Colin was shocked to see an army of Mililani's running towards them. Feeling panicked, he turned to run, but Folken only sighed.

"So it looks like you were paying attention last time after all, Miliani."

The horde of rabbits ground to a halt, cluttering the small hallway, when the one nearest the middle laughed and clapped her hands. The rest of the Mili's vanished with a 'pop'.

"Yup. Hey, Colin, it's your first day! Aren't you excited? You're looking kind of glum."

Before Colin could speak, Folken laughed and said, "He's just been through Jenti's class."

Miliani put her hands to her mouth in mock horror. "That ole grump? Want me to prank him for ya?"

Colin was puzzled. "Prank him?"

Another sigh. "You'll understand after this class, Colin. We better go, or we'll be late, and that's bad."

Nodding, Colin looked around, but there were no doors on this floor. A couple of students had wandered up while they had been talking, and drew their threads from various pouches. However, (And this struck Colin as odd, even here) many were walking into the walls, or feeling at them like the blind.

"Um...Why?" he asked, gesturing.

"New lesson in class, Colin. Seeing past the illusion. It's like this!"

Weaving her strand into a circle, Miliani peered through it, looking around. "There it is!" She shouted, and ran full speed for nearest wall. Colin winced as she hit solid rock with a smack, then fell over, eyes glazing.

Stepping over her, Folken copied the circle. "Even though your string is still attached, you should be able to do this. Make a circle with your right hand and look through. The trick is to thoroughly believe that there is something to see through."

Colin did so, feeling a bit stupid as he peered around the room through his fingers. He concentrated, trying to believe beyond doubt that there was something hidden. It was something he could easily believe, he found, awed as he was, subconsciously. Suddenly, the wall to his left began to fuzz out, showing three doors faintly outlined.

"I can see them! Right there, and there, and there!"

"Wrong," Folken said, though there was a smile in his voice. "There are actually two sets of illusions up, and you're seeing through the first layer. This is incredible! By rights, you shouldn't have been able to see anything, but I was testing the power of that thing. Even Bound, you have about Mili's level of Disbelief. That's really saying something."

Colin strained harder, glowing inwardly at the praise. There was a heady excitement, he felt, using the thread to actually do something. He put his hands down. "So where?"

Folken pulled a blue thread from one of the pouches he wore at his belt. The string glittered and glowed, seemingly pleased at being released. Colin noticed this when something occurred to him.

"Wait, you were in the last class, how are you in this one, two?"

"Well, I managed to get a copy of your schedule, so really, well, I’ll tell you at lunch, ok? Hopefully I can get you better acquainted with the Academy then you could do on your own."

"No...I mean, well, I saw you with a black thread when we fought the dragon. If you could participate in Jenti's class, and in this one...how many threads do you have?"

Folken grinned a bit, orienting himself. "Six," he said. "I'll tell you more about it after class. The door we want is over there," he said, pointing. Colin had more questions, but he knew he could wait. He changed the subject as they wandered over, leaving Miliani sub-conscious on the floor.

"So, about this Disbelief stuff...?"

"Well, it's really Professor Batren's Prime Theory. You'll want to write it down, well, once we get you some supplies. I can help you with that after School, if you'd like." Colin nodded. "Well, it's like this. He says the easiest way to effectively use this technique is to simply believe everything, to some point, is illusion. That way you're ready to see through it should the situation come up. The more experienced blue Threaders can Pierce an illusion without a Thread, just by holding to that principle."

"Wow," Colin said, taking this in. "The professor seems like a pretty deep guy."

"He's not," Folken said flatly. "But you'll see for yourself. Here, I'll go in first."

"Why does that matter?" Colin started to ask, but by then, the young mage had grasped at an invisible handle, and pulled open an invisible door. Colin started to look past him into the room, when suddenly, a horde of shrieking apparitions escaped, laughing wickedly, and scattering to the four winds. Colin hit the ground as they soared over him, wildly fluffing, ears pinning themselves against his head. (which seemed fairly automatic. Oddly, this didn't affect his hearing) but Folken held up his hand, and said softly, "Mirrian miragae."

There was a loud 'popping' sound, and suddenly, the ghosts began to disappear, one by one, each with that bang. Colin stood slowly, and let Folken usher him into the room. It was like stepping into insanity.

There was about the same number of students as there had been in the last class, but here was no quiet and subdued audience. Jokes and laughter flowed freely, with students sitting on the benches (those were at least the same) and on the tables, glibly chatting with friends and comrades. This in itself wasn’t unusual. It was the room itself. Simply put, there was no room. Instead, it looked as if he had someone stepped through a hole in the universe and had ended up among the stars he so liked to watch. Bright nebulas fought with glowing constellations, a blue sun spun around a young female students head, causing her to laugh and swipe at it like it was some sort of ball. The room set Colin's awe meter up a few notches, and Folken only hid his chuckle in his hood as he shoved Colin the rest of the way into the room. They took a place to the back, the badger holding Colin until he had made sure that there were in fact, benches to sit on.

As they both sat down, the room suddenly quieted with a death like hush. Colin was all too aware of nearly a dozen sets of blue eyes trained on him, try as he might to hide his face behind a playful comment. The awkward silence continued for a few moments, when Colin held up a hand and said quietly, "Um...hi there. I'm Colin."

With that pronunciation, the class was suddenly abuzz once more. Colin caught the words, "the dragonslayer" and "new victim". Not knowing what to expect, Colin braced himself, when all of a sudden, he became aware of a little box, brightly wrapped in colorful foil, sitting on the desk in front of him. He didn't make a move toward it, and looked up at Folken, who was rapidly shaking his head in a 'no' gesture. The fox started to push the box away from him, (just in case), when the top of it burst off, and a little goblin leapt from it, screaming in a shrill, high voice.

Colin jumped out of his skin and his chair, standing away from the box. The miniature creature jumped and howled from the edge of the table, but was no more frightening then a mouse, now that the sudden surprise had worn off. Adrenaline levels returning to normal, he realized that everyone in the class was laughing. At him.

"Hahaha, gotcha, didn't I? Mighty dragon killer that you are, I would have thought a little goblin would have been child's play! Hahaha"

Colin turned to glare at the speaker, who was seated on the desk towards the front of the class. Dressed head to toe in dark blue, the otter laughed again and slapped his knee. Folken made an apologetic sound, but then Mili's voice spoke up, from besides the speaker.

"Well, Tio, I heard from a reliable source that when you heard the Dragon Clarion, you ran and hid under your mother's bed. Talking all high and mighty, for being a pathetic coward." Mili's words were strong, but her cheerful voice, and wide grin made them into a light tease.

"I'll have you know..." the boy named Tio started, turning towards her, but he never finished, because Mili wasn’t there anymore. In her place, however, was the huge and terrifying jaws of a massive dragon, open and gaping, with a small fire breathing out from back in the throat. Tio shrieked and dove underneath the bench, much to the amusement of the other students. (Those that weren't cowering underneath their respective desks, that is) Colin tried to leap to his feet, but Folken held him down, chuckling. The dragon gave a growling snort, then vanished, shattering as the face from before had. Mili sat in it's place, grinning from one long ivory ear to the other.

"Ah, dirty trick, Miliani! I was only playing."

"Me too, Tio. Colin's my friend, and I hereby declare him under my unprankable protection!" All this was proclaimed from on top of her desk, and a few of the other students looked over and grinned sympathetic smiles at him. Colin fluffed a bit, but he smiled, totally oblivious as to what had just happened.

Mili leapt down from her desk and turned towards Colin and Folken, who sighed and rubbed at his eyes. As she moved to sit down, though, her chair disappeared, dumping her to the ground. The chair reappeared, a few inches from where it had been only seconds before. The room grew darker.

"Unprankable...huh? Let me assure you...no one is unprankable!"

With a huge explosion startling them all anew, a meteor erupted from a black hole near the back of the room, and blazed in a flaming streak towards the front. A few students dived out of the way, but most held their ground. The meteor hit the back wall with a thud and fell behind the desk up there, and with a booming pop, the room's illusion suddenly vanished, leaving them all in a relatively normal classroom. Blue tabards hung from the walls, but those walls were normal rock and wood. Colin wasn’t too interested in the surroundings, he was far more riveted on the new arrival.

Diminutive and small, the figure was a big bird, well, a man bird, dressed in a loose fitting but very nice blue robe. Luscious blue feathers covered him, casting a soft sheen as he turned to regard the class. He held up hands that were coated in feathers, but otherwise normal appendages. Two large wings hung from his back, resting upon the teacher like a cloak.

"Students, students, welcome, welcome! As always, we have an exciting class before us, one guaranteed to be full of terrible surprises and incredible self discovery!" The bird man clasped his hands together. "Oh, but I can't hardly wait." His eyes caught Colin’s, awed once more (he was getting used to this expression, ears back, his jaw around his midsection) and the teacher smiled.

"I am Professor Batren Luvey, and it is my pleasure to introduce a new student to Raev! Everyone, please now, give a warm welcome to Colin the Brush!"

The class responded with a chorus of greetings. Colin blushed (as a fox can) under the spotlight, but Mili gave him a thumbs up, mouthing, relax. So he tried.

"Colin comes to us from the far off land of Kingfisher, a small province to the south. Though not born a threader, through some interesting coincidences, he has been blessed with the Magical gift." Professor Luvey stepped from behind the desk and took a few steps towards him. "Colin was instrumental in dealing with that incredible dragon that visited us not a week past now." The birdman winked at him. "That takes a fine amount of courage, which will definitely benefit him here." Luvey looked around. "Now. Either I can take our new student aside and review with him one on one, leaving you hooligans to your own devices for a period, or I can take it from the top. By the look of things outside, you could use a bone up." He glanced at the door. "Rounder, let Shakey in. He'll be out there all day, trying to find the door like that."

Colin turned as one of the students on his left rose and opened the door, letting another student dressed in blue spill in. He gave an embarrassed chuckle and hurried to his desk.

"Alright, now that everyone is here, let me take roll. Ahem." The teacher was now back behind his desk, seated in a beautiful throne like chair. He adjusted his little spectacles and peered around the class. The glasses looked like they wouldn't stay on his slight yellow beak, but they held well enough.

"Bright eyes, Spooky, Downpour?"

A chorus of 'heres' met his inquiry.

"Pitfall, Bang Bang, Jack-in-the-Box?"

Same thing. Colin scratched his head, thinking that parents in Raev must be very cruel.

"Bookworm, Speedy, To-Impetuous-for-her-own-good?"

Folken and Mili were among those that spoke up this time, causing the fox to look a question at Folken, who sat next to him. Folken didn't return the glance though, and Professor Luvey continued. That is, until Mili spoke up.
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PostSubject: Re: Blue Eyes, One Fate ch 1-13   Mon 18 Sep - 13:26

"Impetuous?!? Hey, that's Mistress of Monsters to you, Prof!"

"Hardly. That dragon you conjured, before class, ha! Anyone with a keen enough eye could have seen right through it! Real Talazary dragons have six rows of teeth, not three. Besides, I mean honestly," he said, finishing up the roll mentally, "what’s the point of making something if you’re not going to do your homework? The enemy will get you every time…" He grinned. Mili groaned.

"So what is it, children, independent study, or a review for all?"

"Independent Study!" was the strong reply.

"Collective review it is!" The class groaned. "Alright now, Colin, forgive me, but I'm going to treat you like you know nothing about magic at all. It's not to belittle you, but I want to make sure you're at the level of all the rest of these devious monsters here." He gestured at the class. "And they could stand a few reminders themselves, so here goes. I'm going to explain exactly what it is we're here to study." He placed his hands together, and separated them slowly. A long blue thread, glowing brightly, stretched out between them.

"Blue magic, or Mirrioden, as it's sometimes called, is illusion. That is to say, it is something that seems like it is there, but it is not. Whether it is a charging army, or a invisible full symphonic choir belting out 'For Our Love', mastery of Mirrioden means that in time, you could be summoning up images and sounds to confuse your enemies and delight your friends. Dedicate yourself to your studies, and the only limitation you'll have is your imagination."

"There are five distinct types of Illusion, two of which we cover on your first year here at the academy. Audible and Visual are the types discussed in this class, but there is also courses in Perceptive, Corporal, and Limited Release. It is my job to get you ready for the latter classes, by giving you a good enough time in here, Primary Blue Course 1, Introduction to the Intangible."

"To those of you who wish to go on to become War-wizards, you'll find that Blue Magic in invaluable on the battle field. Many commanders will go right for a Red user, but a clever leader will choose a Mirrioden in a heart beat. The main reason for this is that we are perfectly suited for dealing with other Threaders. Burning lightning bolts are all well and good, but maintaining Disbelief will give you an insight into your enemy's abilities, and if you are quick enough, a startled Threader will not be able to maintain his concentration on a Pattern or Incantation. In the Cosmology of the Storm, we are the falling rain, that which is all around, but untouchable, unmatchable..."

Colin listened, quietly trying to absorb all that the short teacher spoke of. He was a bright kid, don't get it wrong, but all this was so new to him that it was hard to look past the big, glaring, 'overload' sign that rested on his brain. Bad enough that he was covered in fur and possessed of a tail that operated independently of his will, but now there was all this to take in. He grasped the basics of the course easy enough, but still, deep inside, he still had that nagging doubt that he'd ever be able to do anything like the students around him. This was amplified when Luvey ended his lecture, calling assorted students up to the front to demonstrate their personal illusions. He glanced down and realized a note had appeared in front of him, written in a fine, flowing, yet very hurried script.

"Colin, check it out! This is where they get their nicknames, if you were wondering. 3 M.K."

Colin shook his head and looked up, catching Mili's eye as she glanced behind. He didn't know what she was talking about until the girl named 'Spooky' took the 'stage'. A young doe, she held her thread in her hands, and began working it into a variety of patterns. Colin quickly lost track of them, but the further along she got, the brighter her thread was glowing. Suddenly, it flared, and with a shriek, several of the ghostlike spirits from before rose from her thread, fanning out and playing with the other student's shadows. Several clapped, and the Professor patted her on the back.

"Very nice, Spooks. Now, as promised, with ten minutes left in the class, I leave you on your own to do as you may. If I may ask, however, no attempts at my Final Exam while I am busy up here, though. Colin, would you join me up here?"

The young man nodded, weaving his way through the class. The students, turned loose, once more took up their previous behavior, that is, chatting loudly about one thing or another. Folken just shook his head, and pulling a book from his satchel, he began to read. Mili came up to pester him.


"Well, Colin, I must say, it's a pleasure meeting you. I've heard much about you."

"I'm glad to be here, Professor. To be honest, I'd probably like it better if all that didn't happen."

"Modest, are you? Well, let me tell you this. Everything happens for a reason. You were meant to slay the dragon and save countless lives. Two of my students, Todimas and Kyrand face the risks you do on a monthly basis. I'm told you were fresh to the keep, as yet Unchanged, when you did all this. You are a fine young man, Colin, and I'm sure it'll be a pleasure to have you in my class."

"Thank you Sir. I..."

"Can I see it?"

Colin was taken back. "See it?"

Professor Luvey leaned in, winking conspiratorially. "Your Thread, boy, your Thread!"

"Oh." Looking around, Colin gingerly removed his glove, and held his hand up to the teacher. Luvey breathed a soft 'ahh' of interest. Colin looked down, and with mild surprise, realized it was now pulsing entirely in blue, not shifting between colours as it had been. He wasn’t very surprised, the thing was still an alien to him, and he didn't think anything else about it could surprise him anymore.

"Very nice, very nice! And I was told it changes into all the colours, not just Blue?" Colin nodded, and the professor hmmed. "Intriguing. I can see it's still attached...does it hurt you?"

Colin shook his head. "No sir, I haven't felt the pain since I began classes this morning, with Professor Jenti."

"Oh, you poor dear, getting that old grump." He grinned. "I'll have to remember you come from Jenti's class to mine...I believe I'll have a very somber student to cheer up in you, soon enough." He chuckled. "Now, here's the deal. When you feel ready, you can go before your head teacher, one for each colour, and ask to be Tested. It's a simple test, designed to gauge how far along you are with an Unsevered Thread. If the Professor deems you pass, they'll pass the information on to the Headmaster, and a ceremony will be held to separate the thread from your hand. Study diligently, because until your thread is Removed, only the most basic and rudimentary spells will be available to you. For instance..." He motioned Colin to grab a seat from one of the desks. The hardwood was heavy, but Colin was able to drag it in front of the Professor.

"Alright, make a fist with your right hand, and repeat after me."

Colin tensed, only vaguely aware that class had quieted down to watch.

"As you do so, imagine something that blows your mind, something that scares you, that awes you, that you dearly love. Anything, alright?" Colin nodded. "Alright."

"Simara haisen
Micish anahambre
Pyrantal toremaidi
Inyo Liberus"

Colin repeated those words, trying hard to mimic the tone and inflection that Luvey used. He could feel himself growing heady, and the teacher's chant was slowly drowned out by the thickening cotton in his ears. He could feel power coursing through him, and into his hand. He looked down, and found it brightly glowing, like a blue fireball. Startled, he stopped the chant.

"Now, open your hand, and reveal your image," Luvey said, opening his hand. A little blue bird flew out, chirping merrily as it flew. Colin breathed deep, and with a few reservations, opened his hand.

A small sphere of blue light lay on his hand, pulsing quietly. It brightened as he revealed it, as if startled. With a popping sound, it shattered and disappeared. Colin looked down at it, ears back, and his jaw at his midsection.

"I can wager that you don't have a deathly fear of little blue balls?" The professor quietly asked, prompting Colin out of his awe.

"Ah, no sir. I...I...well, I couldn't think of any..."

"Lack of focus. That's a big one in this class, Colin. Whenever you get ready to cast a Blue spell, you have to shut out all other thought and concentrate solely on your Image. Otherwise, it's blue balls all the time." Luvey leaned over and patted the young threader on the back. "Beautiful start though. That is my test to you, for the Severing. Focus hard enough to get an image in your hand. If you need that incantation again, just ask. I'll copy it down, or you can find it on page two hundred and twenty four of my Book, which is available in the Library. Normally, you'd have an upperclassmen to help you with all this basic stuff, but you're a special case. I believe Mr. Todimas will be more then happy to assist you, however. He's a good student, just watch out. I ask my students to work with what scares and thrill them, making it fun and exciting to study in my class, but Folken is a unique fear unto himself. Don't let him experiment on you!" Luvey grinned. "You never know. That'll all I'm saying."


"Alright then!" He looked like he was going to say more, when suddenly, that low tone sounded again, signaling the end of the class. The caphcony of the room rose to a dull roar as the entire class made their way for the door, leaving Folken and Mili there, waiting for Colin.

"Go. I'm always here, so if you need any help with anything, I'm here for you. Your homework for the night? Figure out what scares you, and we'll work with that. Have a good day, Colin!" With a loud bang, the teacher vanished, leaving the three only in the room. Colin, who took most of the explosion, rocked back on his heels, stunned. Mili laughed.

"Well, that was Blue Magic, Colin!"

"Yeah...I guess it was." The boy mumbled in a daze.

Both of his friends chuckled a bit to themselves.
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Chapter Thirteen

"Well, with that all said and done, it's time for Mid Course!" Mili exclaimed, stretching her arms over her head. Her robe was blue, as Professor Luvey's had been, but her's was a mix match of patchwork and mending, as if the garment had seen a lot of use. She wore a variety of pouches on her belt, and ear holes had been cut into her cloaks hood, allowing her long ears to slide through. They bobbed and waved as though blown by an invisible wind.

"Mid Course?" Colin asked, trying to process conscience thought. It was tough. He knew, he just knew he'd get used to all this eventually, but here, his first day at the Raev Academy, well, this wasn’t the day.

"A lunch break," Folken said, speaking up. The young badger shoved a book back into his satchel and motioned them towards the stairs. A few of the other students stared towards Colin, but he mostly ignored them, unconsciously pulling his hands up into his gray robe. "We have about an hour until the next class starts, so we can go the Dining Hall and get something to eat."

"Have you been, Colin? The Mess is great! So much good food..." She had little stars in her eyes, and suddenly, the rabbit's stomach let loose with a ferocious growl. "Come on! Let's go!"

Folken cleared his throat. "Miliani, aren't you meeting Espers today? It was my understanding that you were going to visit him at his home and be treated to his fine home cooking." There was a slight smugness in his voice that made Colin look up. The young threader was grinning wide. Mili's ears drooped.

"Oh yeah...I totally forgot." She started for the stairs. "Well, it's not my fault if I forgot, right? I can always make it up to him later..."

Folken grabbed the back of her robe, causing her to 'eep' and whirl around. "Mili! You're not skipping out on him again. Justin told me he waited five hours for you the last time. It won't kill you to put up with his cooking!"

Horror dawned in her eyes. "You can't say that! He's terrible! I mean, I like him and all, but man, that man can't cook!"

Colin did his best not to laugh, least Tim be somewhere close by. "And have you ever told him?"

Mili shook her head vehemently. "Oh, gosh no. He's so sensitive, I'm afraid he'd take it something awful. It's bad enough with...well, y'know." Her voice trailed off. "Alright, alright...but if I get food poisoning, I'm coming back as a ghost and haunting you, Todimas. Bye, Colin! I'll probably see you after class!" She dashed off, running over a few students caught unaware by a stampeding lapine.

Folkin just sighed, and motioned for Colin to follow him.

The two of them exited out of the Academy, taking the dozens of steps one at a time. Stepping out into the sunshine, Colin felt great, free, exhilarated. He shook out his legs and stretched his arms towards the sun. He would have continued on, but Folken gently reminded him that they were on a time limit, and if they wanted food, they'd have to hurry. Colin was in no place to object, his stomach was growling louder then Mili's had.

They walked side by side for a while, not saying anything. Finally, Colin decided to break the silence. "So, Folken...what was Mili talking about? About Tim, I mean. I know I haven't been here long, but with the time I've spent with those guys, I really can't see Tim being sensitive about anything. He does write surprisingly beautiful love songs though," he added as an aftermath.

Folken chuckled. The fifteen year old nodded and said, "Yeah, believe, I've heard them. After Mili gets back from her dates with him, she usually feels the need to tell me all about them, down to the slightest detail. It makes her laugh."

Colin frowned. "So, she doesn't like him? I mean...?"

"No, Mili likes Tim a lot. She's just...a bit overwhelmed. He can be...a little overt."

"I see. I guess I could see that."

"Things have really changed, at least as much as I've heard. Has he told you anything about his life before the Change?"


"Well, the story that Mili told me is that back then, he was really strong, tall, handsome, all that. The Kingdom Playboy," Folken said with a shake of his head. His hood fell down around his neck, and he brushed the rusty hair from out of his close set eyes. "Back then, Mili was a short, slightly rounded, well, plain looking girl. Not worth the time of day to someone like Tim Espers. But...well, after the change, and the form he ended up with, he realized that the only person willing to look past what he had lost is Mili. The other girls in the Keep miss the old Tim, and always seem to bring it up and cause him to go into his depressive state. So Mili is there for him, like today."

Colin whistled. (no mean feat for someone with a muzzle). "I never would have guessed. He's moody, but I wouldn't have thought that he was depressed..."

"Oh yeah. Pretty badly too. That's why Mili made that cantrip spell for him, giving him at least a memory of what he looked like. A bad idea, if I say so, but it's none of my business," he said, turning away.

Colin decided to change the subject. "So, back to my original question. Why are you in all my classes? You said you had six threads? What?"

Folken held up his hand, and pointed. "We're here at the Dining Hall. Let's grab some food, grab a table, and I'll fill you in. Do you prefer steak or chicken?"

After a small battle for a decent seat, the two students sat comfortably, Folken delicately picking at his food, and Colin trying hard not to devour the plate whole. Colin had become mostly acclimated to his new senses, but even though he had been able to handle the sheer noise of the place, he had almost been overcome by the vareity of smells that saturated the Dining Hall. He forced himself to hold his breath until they could at least grab some food and find a seat, otherwise he was going to attack one of the chefs and devour their wares in a few quick bites. Finishing up a bit of meat, Colin asked his question again. Folken set his fork down, and told Colin a little bit about himself.

Children born with a thread of multiple colours were very rare indeed, but it wasn’tt entirely unheard of. Mili herself was a blue/white threader. The miracle usually manifested itself as a dual color string, with half being one color, and the other being different. Folken had been a analomy on his first day of life. Instead of one string wrapped around his hand, he had six. Six separate Threads, all wound around his infantile fist. At once desired by all the prestigious schools in the land, Folken, (of modest birth) had one of the most comprehensive magical teachings available to a child so young. When he had surpassed his instructors, however, it came time to send him to an Academy, somewhere he could adequately grow and distinguish himself. Many prominent schools petioned him, but in the end, he chose the Academy at Raev. This had horrified parents and teachers alike, for Reeve's curse had decended on the Keep only three years prior, and it's effect on normal humans was well known in this populance. Still, Folken had been adament, and finally received permission to go. Colin sat quietly, listening, amazed. For such a unique character, Folken seemed down to earth, easy to talk to.

"I've been here three years," he finished, leaning back and patting at his belly with a sigh of contentment. "The running joke is that when the changes started, I was so lost in a book that I didn't notice until they were finished. The sad thing is, they're probably right." He looked down at his hands, which gleamed with ten sharp ivory claws. "This isn't really an inconvinence, but it is kind of weird."

"I know. I keep sitting on my tail, and you know how much that hurts."

The badger chuckled. "Actually, I don't. Apparently, humanoid badgers don't have to put up with the absurdities of a tail," he said with a grin, "So I can't really sympathize."

"Funny. But aren’t you a little…um…too advanced to be joining me? I noticed that the other students were all really young…I think. What gives?”

Folken thought about that. “Well, I’ve got special permisson from my teachers to assist you in your first couple of days here…I’m kind of…well…some what of a teacher’s pet, so they say. They let me do really, whatever I please.”

“And Mili? She was in the last class as well,” Colin pointed out.

“Mili works as a teacher’s aide to some of the younger students. She enjoys it, and her and Professor Batren are good friends, so it works out.”

“Ok. One last question."


"How did you and Mili get chosen for the Dragon Defense Force? Was there a sign up sheet posted by your captain? Captain Wren and his team are such a...well, unique personality, I've been wondering."

Folken thought for a second. "Well, you see..."

Suddenly, he was cut off by a large commotion, a crash that could be heard clearly even over the roar of the people here in the Dining hall. Both students whirled towards it.

Two keepers were locked in a death embrace, wrestling and grappling with each other. One seemed to get a better hold of the other, and with a loud cry, twisted, tossing him into a table, which obligingly shattered.

Tiren St. Wren stood up and out of the wreckage. His fur and hair were disheveled, giving him the appeance of a mad man (or fox). His dark leather tunic had holes in several places, and his crimson fur leaked out of them in stark contrast. Bending down, he snapped off a leg from one of the over turned chairs. He smacked it against his palm threateningly.

"Alright, ya stupid cat, this is it, here and now. We're going to settle this like the men we are." He growled at his opponent, who patted some dust off his dark robes, feinging disintrest.

"I see no man there, only a thieving dog! It's about time someone beat into you the notions of 'property'!" The man speaking was a cat, like Rachel, Colin could see, but much more stocky, more feral. Solid black, the man's blazing blue eyes easily shown against the ebony fur. Black leather armor covered his chest, and a night blue cloak fanned out behind him. Looking around, he quickly bent down and picked up a long bbq skewer that had somehow ended up at his feet. He brandished it like a sword. "Have at!"

"Hey! What the heck is going on?" Colin exclaimed, jumping to his feet. Folken tried to stop him, but it was too late. Calling on instincts he didn't know he had, he grabbed his plate (which was devoid of food) and threw it, trying to protect Tiren. He hoped that the thrown projectile would at least distract the man so Tiren could get away or...

"Wait a minute..." the man said, turning, just as the plate him his square between the eyes. Folken winced, and covered his eyes, and that was all the opening Tiren needed. Tossing down his stick, he leapt at the panther with a mighty tackle, sending him to the ground. Quickly rifling through a dozen pockets and a satchel, he found what he was looking for. He hopped off the cat and grinned wide at Colin, holding high what looked like a scrap of paper.

"Wonderful, boy! I owe you a drink for that one! Hahaha!"

Colin was still have frozen in the act of throwing the plate, his arm still half extended. He really hadn't meant to hit the other person, who lay in the middle of the dining hall, groaning about warrior princesses or some such nonsense. Folken grabbed his arm.

"Times almost up for class! We have to get back...hopefully he didn't see you...oh boy...hurry hurry, hurry!"

Allowing himself to be led away, the students quickly made their way back to the Academy. A few students sat on the steps, talking with classmates and finishing up lunch, but most were heading back into class. Nearly breathless, Folken sprinted up to the fourth floor, all but dragging Colin behind him. Not allowing anyone to stare or inquire, he quickly found the door, wrenched it open, and shoved Colin inside. He took a seat towards the very back and urged Colin to do the same. Confused, Colin did as he was told. Was this teacher another Xander Jenti? The other students arrived, and took seats, with only a few backwards glances at the new student. A few conversed with each other, but it was mostly silent. The silence deepened when the door began to creak open. Colin mentally prepared himself.

The Professor stepped in, garbed in a tooled black leather robe embroidered with golden runes. He walked stiffly, muttering to himself, and finding a place behind his desk, looked up to regard his class. His eyes met Colin's own, and they both froze. The boy held the gaze in shocked disbelief, then slowly looked up, focusing on the white gauze bandage the Professor had wrapped around his head. Though he was a cat, like Rachel, he was stocky, more feral. The wrap sat between his ears and through his ebony hair. The man's eyes narrowed, and Colin gulped inwardly, risking a glance at Folken, who quickly avoided it.

"I am Professor Zefran Reveri," The man announced, "And I have a splitting headache."
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Blue Eyes, One Fate ch 1-13
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