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 Sin and Punishment

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PostSubject: Sin and Punishment   Tue 5 Sep - 21:40

Treasure (the amazing minds behind games like "Gunstar Heroes," "Mischief Makers," and "Ikaruga) is truly one of my favorite action game developers of all time. And their Japanese-only N64 title, Sin and Punishment, truly reveals why.

This game doesn't take the usual route of 3-D action games. It first redefines everything you knew of "shoot 'em up" styles, then throws you into a crazy mind trip that often keeps you from realizing this was an N64 game.

The game holds a total of four stages (counting the dream-like "0-0" stage at the beginning). While they're all quite linear, the sheer size and action quality through each really keeps you coming back just to see things fly by. Each one even throws you into some rather radical twists:

-Near the end of the first stage, you're thrown into an encounter that would typically seem to be the likes of a final boss fight.
-The second gives you an entirely different character, and halfway through the fight has you flying around a battleship fleet, forcing you to fire away at sea and air-based enemies coming from every direction (EVERY direction), and the final run of it completely changes it and has you fighting in the compacted confines of a moving train (felt kinda like Resident Evil on crack, in a ways XD ).
-The third and final stage (also with a slight REoC feel to me) takes you to, of all things, a small town and forest setting, the latter half of which changes the gameplay style altogether, favoring a side-scrolling shoot-em-up over your usual behind-the-character style (and believe me, the new style just makes things all the harder).
Then reaching the final boss is just... you have to play it to really get it.

Amazingly fun gameplay (though with what seem to be rather odd controls), superb (ENGLISH) voice acting, and graphics that really managed to push the N64 capabilities to its limits. If your computer is capable of downloading N64 ROMs, I suggest you get this one NOW.
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Sin and Punishment
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