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 Furry daycare (Keep it pg13 at most)

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PostSubject: Furry daycare (Keep it pg13 at most)   Sun 10 Sep - 4:29

(One simple rule in this one if your acreing for a cub/kit/whatever just keep it non discriptive like instead of posting how your changeing them just post "Changes so and so" just a suggestion ^^")

Ray is a 20 year old male human dragon hybid he is tall, muscular and has red wings and a red tail and scaly hands, He has white hair and red eyes as well as Pointed ears he is wearing bluejeans and a white shirt as he walks to his job at a local daycare.

Inside a kitsune girl is waiting she looked to be about 14 or 15, wearing a green schoolgirl outfot with long red hair her fox tail sticking out of the waist area and her ears were on her head behind her headband.

"Yo Shayde what brings you here?" Ray asked as shayde smiled polietly

"Well the new kids are here we need to show them around" she replied

"Okay lets go see who we have" Ray replied as the two caretakers entered the daycare
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PostSubject: Re: Furry daycare (Keep it pg13 at most)   Sun 10 Sep - 11:35

holy sheepshit! a daycare, at last!

*in rolls a neko of human body and... oh fuckcicles, you all know what i look like. i'm wearing my trademark blue onesie with teh darker blooo patch in the chest and tummy, which matches the color of my kitty features. underneath, there lies a pair of Abena X-pluses doubled up, so far holding two wettings. happy and friendly describe my attitude upon entering this establishmentizzle*

heyy! ya'll got any firecrackers? 83
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Furry daycare (Keep it pg13 at most)
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