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 9/11 5 years later,Something that has defined our generation

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PostSubject: 9/11 5 years later,Something that has defined our generation   Mon 11 Sep - 18:14

Wow..It's been 5 years...Something that is bigger than anything I could think of in history..Doesn't matter what age, you are..You remebered what you were doing that day..

6th grade year..I remeber the day VERY clearly..I remeber before it happened our teacher always wrote the date on the blackboard..And everyone acted like they were saracasticly scared, This was BEFORE the attacks that day...little did they know..Sad

I remeber coming back from going to the restroom in the 6th grade, and I came in and Everyone was talking about it..And I kept hearing about a plane hitting the towers, And I was like "Are you guys talking about a movie or something?" they just looked at me and said no..

Thats all everyone talked about all day in class..

I went to a christian school, and Our Campus Pastor Taught Bible class.(It counted for a grade.), and everyone asked what happened..

And of course my dad is a businessman and he was on a flight to detroit..and then on to canada..He landed in detroit the very secound the 2nd plane went into the tower..He was watching CNN as it happened, and the screens went blank...suddenly the whole airport shut down and pilots came off the plane..and told my dad "No One is going to be flying today".

He rented a car and drove home that day.

My mom was shocked as well, after school she got me and my little brother ice cream, i guess to get our minds off the whole thing..sadly 6 monthes to the day, she died..

I gave him a huge hug when he came home, He always said to never hug him before that..But after 9/11..Me and him always make sure that we always say "I love you" and stuff like that, when he leaves..

My dad gets really pissed off at the conspiracy nuts who think the 9/11 was faked by the gov't..He said for them "to go to hell", saying that they were never in the air as it happened like he was, and they would never understand such a thing..

Heres a clip, When I saw the towers came down, I immediatly thought of the scene in Independence Day..


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PostSubject: Re: 9/11 5 years later,Something that has defined our generation   Mon 11 Sep - 20:42

I remember clearly where I was when I heard about it. I was walking into my english class (9th Grade) and on the TV was what I thought was a pair of smoke stacks. I learned about two seconds later what was going on. I was working on some assignment and as I looked up, I saw the explosion of the second plane hitting the tower. All I could say was "Oh...My...God". Five years later and I remember it like it was yesterday.
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PostSubject: Re: 9/11 5 years later,Something that has defined our generation   Mon 11 Sep - 20:55

I, actually...barely remember it at all. I know that I was still at home and saw the first plane hit live and that I ended up not actually going to school that day...but, beyond that, don't recall a thing.

In any case, I'm a bit iffy about big, 9/11 remembrances. Certainly, it's only reasonable to expect victims' families and friends to remember the day...it'd be scary if they didn't. Likewise, it's reasonable that just about every American citizen remember it and spare a thought to what happened and how it reflects the greater, global situation.

But all the pomp and circumstance we've put onto it disturbs me. For the vast majority of people I know, today was perfectly normal day, likely tinged with a slight grim overcast. For those who actually lost someone, it should be a day of grief, certainly...but selling the day out like some of the media and politicians have been doing is whore-dom, pure and simple.
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PostSubject: Re: 9/11 5 years later,Something that has defined our generation   

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9/11 5 years later,Something that has defined our generation
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