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 Cipher Pol 9

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PostSubject: Cipher Pol 9   Mon 11 Sep - 22:01

~Mission Briefing~

8 years ago, by our records, the reknowned CP9 agent, Saruhebi, was lost at see during a mission. This was a terrible lost and a great blow to us at the World Geovernment.

However, it seems that our 'records' were not as true as we once thought. Recent recons have discovered activity on the uninhabited 'Dokodoko Island.'
Are agents never returned, but they did manage a message (however broken it may be):

["... on Dokodok... --ssion... Saruhebi... Six for--... several enem--"]

It appears that Saruhebi may well be alive and, for whatever reason, has turned against the government itself. It us up to the current CP9 to investigate and take whatever actions are necessary to prevent any uprising.

Going against on of the top Agents, Saruhebi, and possibly other insurgents, this will be a dangerous mission, but we trust that CP9 shall (and dutifully must) take care of the situation.

~Commander Spandar

"Dang." Steve muttered, standing impatiently on the island's shore. "Where are they? Why must they always take so long? I could just go ahead and try to do this myself, maybe... but then the Commander would get mad, and so would they and... dang..."

Covering much of the island were stone settlings and some sort of city near the center. They were obviously uninhabited for years, as vines and even small forests had begun to spring up all around area itself. Looking across the entirety of it made it all seem like an odd sort of dark, green labyrinth, beckoning anyone to challenge what awaits within.

"So boring..." Steve kicked a nearby stone, sending it flying off to strike squarely inside a part of the nearby wall.

"Huh..." Steve muttered in surprise. "I usually kick them through the walls. I must be getting rusty..."

OOC: Obviously, you can have them meet up, do some sort of interaction/introduction, whatever, then when everyone is in, we'll get going.
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Cipher Pol 9
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