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 The Completely Creative Random Survey Thread!

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IRC Overlord

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PostSubject: The Completely Creative Random Survey Thread!   Thu 13 Jul - 22:41

Now with longer titles!

One post per person (except for bump Very Happy) and we'll all just answer this incredibly lame survey, yeah?

I'll cut it down so that it'll (mostly) be information we care about Very Happy Okay, I lied. Call it a "glimpse" into a "person"


Name: LightFang. More "normal" names I go by is...well..just one. I also go by "Azlan" sometimes.

Favorites (More than 1 is okay Very Happy)

Beverage: Coke! Very Happy
Movie: Pirates 1! :DD
Board Game: Monopoly XD And Risk.
Computer Game: All the VALVe games are good.
Anime/Manga Ooh, I fell in love with Card Captor Sakura Very Happy And Saiyuki Reload! Heck, all the Saiyuki XD
Cartoon: I don't watch cartoons. They're so juvenile
Animal: Wolves are cool Very Happy
Sport: Tennis is fun!
Book (series is okay): Sword of Truth series is pure ownage, His Dark Materials was emotional (I'm a guy, btw, so that's pretty good stuff right there), and Snow Crash is a great book.
Artist: Eh, I don't really have a favorite artist, but I'm starting to like JPop! Especially the annoyingly high pitched happy-go-lucky songs! They make you feel good while you listen Cool
Song: I like the CCS OSTs XD Pathetic, I know, but you feel so good watching/reading/listening that somehow, you feel like the world does have a chance...
Lyrics: "Let's all share our dreams under a communist moon." by the International Noise Conspiracy. It has a message and still manages to be beautiful Razz
Quote: "If you want to be closer to God, then die." - Sanzo (from Saiyuki)

This or That

Cold or Hot: Cold! You can always put on more layers while the converse isn't true...
Rain or Snow: Snow, since I live in Southern CA and I never get snow D:
Private or Public School: Public school pride Very Happy
Celsius or Farenheit: That's Kelvins. No, I like Celsius, too bad I can't use it XD
Spring or Fall: Spring brings promises of summer.
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The Lion KING

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Age : 29
Registration date : 2006-07-06

PostSubject: Re: The Completely Creative Random Survey Thread!   Thu 13 Jul - 23:17


Name: Simba

Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Movie: TLK 1, 2, 1 & 1/2, Superman Returns, Independence Day, Brother Bear, War of The Worlds, Batman Begins, lots more
Board Game: Don't really have one
Computer Game: Not Video Game? PC I guess, The Sims, Ps2 probably GTA:SA
Anime/Manga : the only thing I truly know is Pokemon LMMFAO!, Though I want to watch Kimba The White Lion sooo bad.
Cartoon: Cartoons nowadays suck IMO, Road Rovers is an old favorite, as is Timon and Pumbaa the series,hmmm, South Park is a fav.
Animal: LIONS! (Duh.)
Book: Friday Night Lights (:Cough: I play HS Football :Cough:)
Artist: Nirvana, GN'R
Song: Smells like Teen Spirit I guess.
Lyrics: "Just Because Your Paranoid, Don't mean they're not after you."
From Terriotiral Pissings by Nirvana
Quote: "Life's A Journey, Not a Destination"- Steven Tyler

This or That

Cold or Hot: Hot
Rain or Snow: Rain, Snow sucks!
Private or Public School: Depends, I guess Public
Celsius or Farenheit: Farenheit, Fuck the metric system
Spring or Fall:Spring, Though sometimes fall being that its football season.
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Spyder Fox
Girly Fox Boy

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Localisation : Monroe, New York
Registration date : 2006-07-06

PostSubject: Re: The Completely Creative Random Survey Thread!   Thu 13 Jul - 23:24

Name: Spyder Fox...my fursona and online name. =^.^=


Beverage: I like chocolate milk... Razz
Movie: Hmm...dunno exactly...the Disney movies really.
Board Game: Monopoly
Computer Game: Counter Strike, Dark Eden
Cartoon: Hmm...These days they all stink.
Animal: I wike foxies. =^.^=
Sport: Extreme Backyard Wrestling!
Artist: Dunno really.
Song: "Waiting" by Not Forgotten
Lyrics: Nah...
Quote: If I had a quote, I'd say it. (That's my quote seriously. XD)

This or That

Cold or Hot: Cold ish better! I can't walk around naked if it gets waay too hawt.
Rain or Snow: Snow... ^.^
Private or Public School: Erm...I hate school...but public I guess.
Celsius or Farenheit: No preference really.
Spring or Fall: Fall cause Winter's comming!
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Registration date : 2006-07-09

PostSubject: Re: The Completely Creative Random Survey Thread!   Fri 14 Jul - 6:39

Name: Geoff (But I go by Ray mostly)


Beverage: Iced Tea and Irish cream
Movie: Star Trek First Contact, Samiurai X
Board Game: Snakes and Ladders
Computer Game: The Sims
Anime/Manga:Digimon, .Hack, Runoi Kenshin
Cartoon: Simpsons, South Park
Animal: Dragons
Sport: Boxing, Swordsmanship
Book (series is okay):Lord of The rings
Artist: Linkin Park, Eminem, Evanescance
Song: Tournaqute -Evanessance
Lyrics: "If I could Chamge I would take back all the pain I would if I can take all my shame to the grave I would"
Quote: "No matter how hard we try, Humans are doomed to be sinful creatures unless we learn to repent for our sins ourselfs, Any other way is just lazy, True bliss and redmption you have to work for" (Personal Quote from a fellow swordsman

This or That

Cold or Hot:Cold Because its Too damn hot anyways ><
Rain or Snow: Rain, I dunno why but I like Rain
Private or Public School: Public, The school kids are less creepy
Celsius or Farenheit:Celsius....I;m canadian ^^
Spring or Fall: Fall, Because spring sucks for me >_<
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Fire Logia

Number of posts : 652
Age : 28
Registration date : 2006-07-06

PostSubject: Re: The Completely Creative Random Survey Thread!   Fri 14 Jul - 8:09

Name: How unnecessary.

Favorites (More than 1 is okay Very Happy)

Beverage: Coffee.

Movie: Pulp Fiction.

Board Game: Settlers of Catan.

Computer Game: Like... PC? CIV IV.

Anime/Manga: One Piece. I really dig Ganbare Goemon too.

Cartoon: South Park, Simpsons, 12oz Mouse.

Animal: Horses.

Sport: Soccer or Baseball. Boxing If you want away from all of the balls.

Book (series is okay): The first REAL book I read, After the Goat Man.

Artist: Like, music? Gackt. He's magic. Really. I'm not even joking.

Song: Killer Queen!

Lyrics: "DIIIEEE WHITE GIIIIIIRRRLS, DIIEEE WHITE GIIIIIIIIiiiiiirls..." For reals. Coheed and Cambria, AL the killer.

Quote: "Of course I don't know a damn thing about swords, you dumbass!"

This or That

Cold or Hot: It all depends.

Rain or Snow: Rain, although I'd like it to snow at least once a year.

Private or Public School: HOME School!

Celsius or Farenheit: Doesn't matter, I know 'em both.

Spring or Fall: Spring, dude.
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Registration date : 2006-07-17

PostSubject: Re: The Completely Creative Random Survey Thread!   Mon 17 Jul - 1:56


Beverage: ...I have a thing for Banana/Orange/Pineapple juice. *gave up soda a while back*
Movie: Ah...Rope. Yay, Hitchcock!
Board Game: Scrabble.
Computer Game: Elder Scrolls 3 was addictive. Not risking the fourth one.

Anime/Manga: I really tried to avoid addiction to an anime or manga, but...Gravitation is love.
Cartoon: None.
Animal: I'm really just an animal person. There are very few I don't like, and I have no real favorite.
Sport: None, really. My physical activity is generally not goal-oriented.

Book: Ooh, too many to choose from. Top five, in no particular order, would be Nietzsche's The Gay Science, Mann's Death in Venice, Faulkner's As I Lay Dying, Walter Kaufmann's Critique of Religion and Philosophy, and Plato's Apology, which really isn't a book. I'm a lit. nerd. Sue me.
Artist: I'm assuming this means musical-wise, in which case...Rufus Wainwright beats out Leonard Cohen by a bit. Both are pop-ish with a purpose and incredible lyrics. Though Rufus' writing is often a bit hard to get into, if only because it's remarkably personal.
Song: "Anthem" or "Democracy" by Leonard Cohen, or "Poses", "Peach Trees", or "Gay Messiah" by Rufus Wainwright. I'm far too fickle and in love with them all to choose.

Lyrics: "The birds they sang,
At the break of day.
"Start again," I heard them say.
Don't dwell on what has passed away,
Or what has yet to be.


Ring the bells that still can ring,
Forget your perfect offering,
There is a crack, a crack in everything,
That's how the light gets in."

Big quote, but it's a wonderful attempt at both optimism and realism.

Quote: "Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live." - Oscar Wilde

This or That

Cold or Hot: Cold. I'm weak and can't stand either, but...*shrugs*
Rain or Snow: Rain. Rain is wet and vaguely poetic. Snow is cold and painfully associated with school days and blocked roads.
Private or Public School: Public.
Celsius or Farenheit: Fahrenheit. Just what I'm used to.
Spring or Fall: Fall. Not only when it's most temperate here, but it's just a very beautiful season and one that's good for reflecting.
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PostSubject: Re: The Completely Creative Random Survey Thread!   

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The Completely Creative Random Survey Thread!
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