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The Lion KING

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PostSubject: Creepy...   Fri 13 Oct - 20:48

Anyone else knew that that Victoriah Nicole is a GUY who IS 40, AND IS A PASTOR?

Reva told me about the guy...

The guy is obsessed with little girls..Is the dude a pedo or something..He really creeps me out..


Creepy as hell...


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PostSubject: Re: Creepy...   Fri 13 Oct - 22:41

*nod-nods* Actually, I thought that was common knowledge. Oddly enough, Victoriah's one of the few people I've run into with an occasionally different gender on the internet that I've actually not had pronoun confusion over, though, so I might've just assumed that.

In his defense though, I don't think "pedo" would be the proper term. The entire LG thing is along the lines of the AB thing, I think; it's not about wanting little girls, it's about wanting to be little girls. To be honest, I've always found *B/DL content with any connection to children kinda creepy, and Victoriah's site is one of those that definitely weirded me out on my first visit...but I'm pretty sure that's just my preference, as opposed to any actual distinction.
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PostSubject: Re: Creepy...   Fri 13 Oct - 23:16

Yeah, that guy's mad sketchy. Maaaaaadddd sketchy!
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Kopa (Simba's Son..)

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Registration date : 2006-08-29

PostSubject: Re: Creepy...   Sat 14 Oct - 9:14

Yeah, I could pretty much guess he was a guy. As for a being a pastor who does it... eh, no unbelievable or anything.

The whole LG kind of thing always wierded me anyways, though. >_>
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PostSubject: Re: Creepy...   Sat 14 Oct - 14:16

He's a firebrand that irks the hell out of me. One of those who sees a thread he disagrees with, and can't just go, hmm, ok, well, moving on. For some reason, his posts just have a way of inciting some of the board members into a rage...which is bad news for mods.


But no, pedo is prolly the wrong word.
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PostSubject: Re: Creepy...   

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