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 WWYD? (V Is For Victim)

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PostSubject: WWYD? (V Is For Victim)   Tue 9 Jan - 10:00

Oya. Just asking all you a question, because I'm struggling with fleshing a story idea. I know, I need another running story like a hole in the head, but this one, though done before...i think...i can't let it go.

So I ask this, if you were in the main character's shoes, how would you react to the situation? Be as honest as you can be, but please, no stupidity or one liners.

You are a twenty-seven year old teacher's assistant living in a large town where no one knows your name and couldn't care less. You've been subbing at a local high school teaching art, but you simply can't find a job as a full time teacher. Your side job is freelance photography for a local publication.

The setting is Earth, but it's an Earth in the near future. It was discovered through various findings that there is a world parallel to ours populated by, you guessed it, anthropomorphic animals. They possess technology advanced to our own, and soon, a bridge is formed between the worlds, and people pass freely through. However, do to the chemical makeup of the planet (or whatever) Humans cannot survive on Thera and the Theran cannot survive here. When people cross over, they take on a form fitting for that planet. Humans become Thera and vice versa. It is the same form each time, as though a part of your genetics. You are a tall, skinny, pale brown coyote, and though odd at first, you've gotten used to having a tail.

Depressed about lack of work, you decide to meet with a friend on Thera to do some sightseeing and maybe check out the schools there. It's next to impossible to get a permanent immigration visa, but it wouldn't hurt to check it out, right?

Despite the fact that these doors are carefully monitored and regulated, they are almost everywhere. The process is that on one side, you enter a portal station, give your name and ID, step onto the transporter, and you're engulfed in light. The recovery team on the other side 'catches' you, makes sure your alternate form shone through, and pulls you in. This time....though, something strange happened. Naked as usual and blinded by the light of the procedure, you vaguely notice your hand as it reaches for the complimentary towel. Instead of brown fur, yours is a dark russet red, and the towel rack is way out of reach. Instead of a 27 year old coyote, you're a 6 year old fox kit.

Your friend, one of the Receivers, isn't too concerned. She states theres been little glitches here and there, and everything should be sorted once he goes back 'home'. She points out that form is no hinderance to sightseeing, and he agrees to go with her, despite the newness of being so small. It's not like he's a helpless baby or anything.

He mentions as they are walking that he'd like to check out the schools, hinting that he would like to teach here. She leads him to one of primary schools, where the automatic scanner system assigns him a school uniform (to his chagrin or bemusement...I can't decide!) with a 'v' on it for Visitor. One of your friend's roommates works here, and when an emergency call for recievers goes out, she dashes away, leaving you in the care of her friend. You don't mind...or do you? This is a great way to learn about teaching from another view, or is this terrible as your treated like a child with no choices or freedom? How long will it last? And was it really an accident?

I really would like to know what you'd do in Addison's shoes. If you are at any way familar with Sebtomato's stories (some of the best in this genre) understand that is what i'm trying to write. Age regression without the ouch.

Give a brother a hand? I need something to do while I'm in the hospital, and I think writing will help. ^^

BTW, here's Addison:

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PostSubject: Re: WWYD? (V Is For Victim)   Tue 9 Jan - 13:49

Personally, I would try and stay as a 6 year old fox kit, since there doesn't seem to be anyone who cares about me on earth. Nice drawing by the way.

Sometimes the best defence is an insane offence.
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WWYD? (V Is For Victim)
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