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PostSubject: Education!   Fri 11 Aug - 10:29

So, I go back to school at the end of this weekend, and we just held school board elections...which were funny, in a sad sort of way...here, so I've been thinking about the topic from a political sort of standpoint. And, since this board's been dead, for a while, I figured I'd make an attempt to revive it.

As such...what do you think of the current, national policy towards education?

And to what extent should political bodies have a say in what schools teach? Obviously, someone has to administrate the schools, on a local level, at the least...but given that, even there, it seems like you often have to do something horrible or incur heavy legal fees for the system to get kicked out. So...who should be setting the curriculum? And what should be the limit on how far politics come into such?

What about, say, textbook companies? I'm sure most people have seen at least a passing mention of how Californian and Texan textbook purchases can set the standard for what textbooks are offered to everyone else, meaning the companies are able to help set curriculums via specifically marketing to the two states' interests.

And, I suppose, while we're on the topic of education in general...what about studentsí rights, specifically? Everyone's seen a scare story or two about infringements on such, and the legal doctrine can be pretty convoluted...to what extent does the student's right to free expression get curtailed, because he's a student?
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Kopa (Simba's Son..)

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PostSubject: Re: Education!   Tue 29 Aug - 21:24

Education. What fun...

After much hassle, I managed to get in Japanese 1001 at our local College in a Joint Enrollment system (I'm still in High School, but can attend the class with little extra charge).

I've been in for three weeks, when I'm suddenly called in and informed I must fork up $104 or be dropped from the class. $104 for "Student Activities," which I won't even be apart of and, best of all, I was NOT previously informed that I must do so.

Oh, and about half the teachers at our High School have quit/retired/are leaving (or planning to do so), and honestly, I don't blame them.
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