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 First Day of school....

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The Lion KING

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PostSubject: First Day of school....   Wed 23 Aug - 17:30

Well okay, Today was the first day of school for me, Which means "Yay I get 5000 rule sheets."

Taking this new Class called Multimedia Tech...

Basically I get to learn how to make Websites,Videos, Edit Audio, All this stuff..

Of course, I'm almost scared of such a thing, This is like College level stuff and I'm just a junior in high school.

But I get 12 college credit hours If I take it two years in a row..

The audio thing is what the real life producers use apparently..Some guy who produced Nine Inch Nails..Went through the same courses and such..

theres only like 11 kids in my class..So guess its more one on one...

Then I get to take Physics for the first time this year.....

pale , Yeah I had to take that along with this course, Oh well I just gotta make sure I stay on the ball and not slack off in that class. My dad was really good in that subject, So I might be lucky...
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PostSubject: Re: First Day of school....   Thu 24 Aug - 17:19

Bah. Cheer up. School isn't that bad.

Take history books, for example. They are easily the best thing ever for out of context quotes (and, really, just for amusement in general, if you have time to mock them). Particularly, it seems, college history textbooks. Last year, I remember, my AP World book managed to describe the cause of Watergate as "Nixon's zeal," for example.

This year, though, I'm taking AP U.S. History, so have some quotes to make you blink:

"All the American colonies. . . .exported smelly shiploads of dry cod to the Catholic countries in Europe."

"Handsome beaver hats were manufactured in quantity, despite British restrictions."

"The tavern was yet another cradle of democracy."
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PostSubject: Re: First Day of school....   Fri 25 Aug - 2:25

Ah, AP US History. The bane of the AP classes. Everyone calls the teacher an old witch... and she likely is. She's been making predictions on the AP test for years now, and she's been consistantly wrong. "Oh it's going to be Teddy and the progressives... it's going to be Teddy and the progressives... they've not done Teddy and the progressives for a while, so it has to be this year!" And when we get to the essay section of the test, it's on pre-1800 early revolutionary america or some BS like that, that NO ONE studied up on, because we were told otherwise.

And then she also teaches regular classes of US History, but because they're not AP, she doesn't really give a rat's ass about those classes.

Let's see... this year, I have AP World Lit, AP Macro Economics, AP Micro Economics, AP Physics, and AP Calculus. With any luck, I'll also get a free spot in AP Psych second semester 8th hour.

My friend... he's practically a college student. Only two classes at the high school for his senior year, the rest of his time is going towards Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics at the university. (He was already in college math all of his junior year, and AP Chem as well - he's taking Physics there as well for convenience.)

I have mixed feelings on school... on the one hand, I get to see my friends and hang out, the only time I get to do so with most of them (D&D consists of only 4 people, including myself,) but then again school also means that time is ticking ever forward. I really wish I didn't have to get caught up in this whole rat race to find a college to go to... I like my life the way it is. I don't want high school to be over so soon! Sad (and I only really had two years of it - my middle school was technically 6,7,8, AND 9th grades - extra years because I transfered into my current school district for 8th grade, and I don't recall that middle school as fondly as I do my high school...)
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Kopa (Simba's Son..)

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PostSubject: Re: First Day of school....   Tue 29 Aug - 22:10

Our AP History teacher (two years ago) was awesome. Sure, the class involved unbelieavble amounts of writing and massive tests, but our teacher was so un-PC it was great. He regularly kicked people out of the class (I was out once when kicked the whole class out, but I ended up being the first he called back in XD) and threw stuff at them if they wouldn't shut up/stop being stupid (mostly markers).

Compared to my AP Biology classes: one insanely boring, the other the teacher had no clue what she was doing. She'd teach us one thing and pull her tests from a New Zealand book with stuff we hadn't even learned, then claim she was always right when she obviously wasn't (there was even one interesting cheating incident where they did it pretty much in front of her, but that's a story for later).

She even gave us a test on Scantron sheets and did the grading wrong. For Scantron sheets. Come ON.

Oh, and back on topic, I started back Aug. 1. o_o
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PostSubject: Re: First Day of school....   

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First Day of school....
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